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Mason Greenwood’s future at Manchester United in limbo following Getafe loan

by Raj Dholakia

Manchester United’s Mason Greenwood has been on a journey of career rehabilitation at Getafe following a series of legal challenges and internal backlash at his home club.

The young forward faced charges of attempted rape, assault, and controlling and coercive behaviour, which he denied.

However, the Crown Prosecution Service dropped these charges due to the withdrawal of key witnesses.

Despite the charges being discontinued, United conducted an internal investigation regarding Greenwood.

Originally planning to reintegrate him into their first-team squad, the club faced criticism and internal backlash, leading to their decision to loan him to Getafe.

This move marked a significant turn in the striker’s career, as he had not played for United since a match against West Ham in January of the previous year.

At Getafe, a mid-table La Liga team, Greenwood has been working hard to regain his form. Under the guidance of head coach Jose Bordalas, he underwent a ‘mini pre-season’ to reach maximum fitness.

Though he initially played as a substitute, Greenwood has started contributing more significantly, scoring four goals and providing three assists in 720 minutes across league and cup matches.

Despite his on-field progress, his presence at Getafe has not been without controversy.

Some fans of rival teams have expressed their displeasure, yet Greenwood has been gradually integrating into the team and Spanish culture, even taking Spanish lessons.

Getafe and its fans have shown support for him, with many fans sporting his jersey and celebrating his contributions.

The club is considering discussing Greenwood’s future with Man United in April, indicating a potential interest in extending his stay in Spain.

United continues to monitor his progress, providing support when necessary.

However, with INEOS potentially becoming part-owners of United, Greenwood’s future remains uncertain.

The club’s previous decision to move Greenwood away from Old Trafford suggests a permanent transfer might be more likely than a return to United.

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