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“No I don’t think”: Paul Ince says he wouldn’t want to have Bruno Fernandes as his captain

by Derick Kinoti

Former Manchester United midfielder Paul Ince has slammed Bruno Fernandes’ attitude and said that he wouldn’t want the Portugal international as his captain.

As United cruised to a 3-0 win against Everton at Goodison Park on Sunday, Fernandes expectedly started in midfield as the playmaker.

He registered an assist for Anthony Martial’s goal which ultimately secured the victory for the Red Devils and ensured they clinched all three points.

Fernandes was mostly steady throughout the game but as is the norm with him, managed to come up with a goal contribution.

However, this was not enough in Ince’s eyes who aimed a dig at the current United skipper.

Previously, legendary United captain Roy Keane brutally pointed out that Fernandes should be stripped of the armband.

The 29-year-old has in the past come under intense criticism for his incessant whining and moaning on the pitch that has at times landed him in trouble not only with referees but also with prominent sports media personalities.

Ince said on talkSPORT, “No I don’t think [he’d like Fernandes to be his captain]. Listen, captains are completely different nowadays when you talk about the Bryan Robsons and Roy Keanes of this world.”

“Proper leaders. Beckham was a leader by the way he played, he wasn’t very talkative.”

“I don’t know what I see in Fernandes in as is he a leader by the way he plays. I feel at the moment he’s not playing to the best of his ability. As a leader, you do it by organisation. My main thing as a captain was if I’m not playing well, make sure the people around you are playing well.”

Ince added, “It shows how bad you’re playing. That’s your purpose as a captain, look around you and get others playing well. I look at Fernandes and it’s all about him and I think if he’s not playing well, then, you can see it in his body language.”

It’s however almost certainly impossible that Ince and Keane will see their wish to see Fernandes demoted come true.

Erik ten Hag once again waxed lyrical about the player after the final whistle against Everton. In particular, the United boss pinpointed Fernandes’ act to unselfishly give Marcus Rashford the penalty kick to boost the English forward’s confidence.

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