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Manchester United in another embarrassing episode, this time it’s the chicken

by Alex Browne
Glazers Out

These days whether on the pitch or off it, Manchester United can’t help but seem to embarrass themselves.

Off the back of a calamitous defensive performance on Wednesday night, that saw the club’s Champions League ambitions hanging by a thread, Manchester United now seem to be going to new lows off the field of play.

The Athletic claim that “Manchester United are under investigation by Trafford Council after several people alleged they became unwell after being served raw chicken during an event hosted at Old Trafford”.

The club have refused to comment but are currently carrying out an internal investigation on the matter, after receiving complaints from a number of guests who attended an event at the stadium in recent months.

Hopefully, it goes better than a certain internal investigation involving a player currently on loan at Getafe.

Investigations by the club and the Trafford council are intending to determine whether the symptoms the guests had were related to chicken offered at the club or if they were the consequence of other unrelated illnesses.

United’s current food hygiene rating is “listed on the government’s website as ‘5: Very Good’ — the highest grade achievable”. However, this incident will endanger this rating immensely.

Sadly, the club does seem to have form for this. The Peoples Person reported last month that one of the results of the Glazer’s lack of funding was the dilapidated nature of the stadium.

This was not only the exterior however. After a recent inspection, the kitchen was found to have problems such as dirty light switches and fans leaking onto raw bacon.

Old Trafford’s annual Food Standards Agency (FSA) inspection was scheduled for the 23rd of October but the club’s rating has not yet been updated for this year.

If the club is found to have a below-standard rating, this could result in part of the business being closed down until it is deemed safe again. The club pulls in a lot of revenue on matchdays from hosting events and hospitality, so any downgrade to the rating would be a complete failure and be highly damaging to the club’s reputation.

Moreover, restoring a rating is not an overnight job and could affect the rates the club can charge in the future, damaging income once more.

It is scarcely believable that a multi-billion valued company can have such problems. It is just another example in the long list of failures brought on by Glazer mismanagement and lack of interest in the club’s welfare outside of lining their own pockets.

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