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Mason Greenwood’s bank balance drops dramatically in aftermath of legal problems

by Alex Browne
Mason Greenwood

Mason Greenwood’s TSM Sports Limited company has seen a dramatic fall in its bank balance since the player’s charge with attempted rape.

According to The Daily Mail, after the fallout of the police inquiry, “his reserves took a nosedive from £963,678 to £530,888”.

Apparently, TSM Sports Limited had more than £1 million in the bank last year but as of September this year that figure dramatically dropped to £566,744.

Of course it is still a huge amount of money to us mere mortals, but it would be a worrying rate of decline for the 22 year old footballer.

A quick google search will show you that the business is temporarily closed , however it is still officially registered by the British government.

The Peoples Person also commented on this in the summer, claiming that “football finance specialist Kieran Maguire explains that Greenwood via TSM Sports Ltd has netted in a profit of more than £540,000”, despite the player’s legal problems.

The Daily Mail article asserts that TSM Sports Limited does not specify where the money is earned other than saying the company function is, “other service activities not elsewhere classified”.

However, Greenwood’s wealth has been further hit by owing his creditors £55,050. This blow had been cushioned by the fact that during the trial period, the player reportedly continued to receive his wages of £75,000 a week from the club.

The Manchester United loanee was accused of “attempting to rape a woman in October 2021 – a charge he denied – and of assault occasioning actual bodily harm in December that year”.

Nonetheless, in February 2023 The Crown Prosecution Service decided to drop the case and Manchester United began their own farcical probe which ended in August with them sending the player on loan to Getafe but not terminating his contract.

What will happen with the 22 year old is still up for much debate. The club faced an incredible backlash from the public when they leaked the idea of him being reintegrated into the squad. This resulted in the club’s embarrassing U-turn, sending him off to Spain.

The Peoples Person has recently reported that Greenwood is very happy in Spain and finding something of his old form in the Spanish capital.

Additionally, it has been reported here that absolutely no decision has been made at club level on Greenwood’s future. However, until a decision is made, it will be something which casts a long shadow over the club.

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