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Jadon Sancho has missed multiple training sessions since being banished from first-team

by Vatsal Gupta

The Jadon Sancho saga has been one of the most unexpected themes of this current Manchester United season.

Presumably, a favourite of Erik ten Hag last season, whom he nurtured into a contributor and gave countless chances to, a lack of professionalism has completely ruled him out of the first-team squad this season.

Now, SunSport have reported that since being banished from the first-team picture, Sancho has missed multiple training sessions as well.

It is notable because the winger isn’t allowed to train with the first team, so those sessions would have been either individual or with the youngsters.

Interestingly, the report states that he has not been fined for this since he always comes up with a reason to do so, be it sickness or something else.

However, it is impossible to look at this and not think that his banishment from the first team and this action are correlated.

Recently, Ten Hag again stressed that the impasse between the player and the club is of Sancho’s own doing.

The manager confirmed that he had been dropped as he failed to match certain standards at the club.

All Sancho needs to do to come back into the reckoning of the first team is to apologise, which Ten Hag hinted at, saying “he knows what he needs to do”.

However, no apology has been forthcoming and rumours about a potential exit from the club, as soon as January, have started surfacing.

A recent report from Germany said that the player is open to returning to Borussia Dortmund but his secret desire is to resume at United.

For that to happen, there will have to be mending of broken bridges which Sancho doesn’t look like he’ll do anytime soon.

Going by his actions of missing training, it looks like even if he did, the next transgression will be around the corner so it would be perhaps best to end this uncomfortable union.

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