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Manchester United takeover update: Sir Jim Ratcliffe finally close to taking 25% control

by Vatsal Gupta
Sir Jim Ratcliffe

It is a tale that seems as long as time itself at this point.

When Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s 25% stake in Manchester United was reported as close, fans were hoping that almost 10 months of dithering in finding a new owner would finally subside.

It is now two months since that announcement and in true Glazer fashion, new deadlines are thrown around every single week with no sign of light at the end of the tunnel.

However, the latest takeover update from Daily Mail’s Mike Keegan, a vocal reporter throughout the saga, will delight United fans.

Talking on Daily Mail’s “It’s all Kicking Off” show, Keegan revealed that Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s stake could get ratified before Christmas.

It is an unexpectedly early date since it was believed that no business is generally done during the holidays, something which the Glazers have been widely ridiculed for as well.

It has been reported that everything is done from INEOS’ end and they are just waiting for the documents to be signed off now.

It would be a huge announcement if it were to come in the next six days as the stench of Glazers has permeated through the club for 20 years now.

However, Keegan also managed expectations, saying that even if the new owner with sporting control were to arrive before Christmas, it wouldn’t impact the club’s January plans.

Ratcliffe would still have to pass the Premier League’s director’s test before he takes the reins.

Furthermore, United’s financial worries are such that even a new owner would be handicapped in what they will be able to spend immediately after coming in.

Still, the prospect of sporting control going away from Glazers’ hands is a big respite on its own.

For United fans, there would be no bigger Christmas present than that, and Sir Jim Ratcliffe will immediately become Santa.

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