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Manchester United hired 56 lawyers to work on the takeover and the Glazers didn’t pay for it

by Vatsal Gupta
Glazers Out

The Glazers have always considered Manchester United and themselves as separate entities, except for when the time comes to get those sweet dividends.

Even as they parted with a 25% stake and sporting control, they couldn’t resist landing one parting hit on “their club”.

The Athletic reports that United hired a remarkable 56 lawyers to work on the takeover process.

To the surprise of nobody, Glazers didn’t pay a penny of their own on these lawyers and only loosened their purse strings when the advice was strictly personal.

The report states that the lawyer army hired by United spanned multiple continents, ranging from Brussels to New York and London to Washington.

It states that the costs involved in hiring these advisors and the total expenditure on the takeover process will be clear in due course when the club releases its financial statements.

It is notable that these figures won’t impact United’s ability with respect to Financial Fair Play, as these are executive expenditures.

However, for a club that is almost a billion in debt overall, it is true to the theme for the Glazers that they couldn’t even fork out their own money for lawyer fees when they stood to gain more than half a billion from the deal.

Glazers earned nearly £600 million and still remain in charge of commercial operations at the club, a unique arrangement for a club of this size.

Ultimately, the deal went through and Sir Jim Ratcliffe recently made his first appearance at Old Trafford for a game.

He said a lot without talking much when he gave his views on United’s stadium and training facilities.

Just like much else that is rotten at the club, that is the legacy of the Glazers as well, one that the boyhood United fan has paid to correct.

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