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“That is the No 1 thing…”: Ryan Giggs identifies Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s biggest Man United headache

by Derick Kinoti

Sir Jim Ratcliffe completing his 25% ownership stake in Manchester United has many fans dreaming of a new era.

However, the size of the task at hand means there could be growing pains and it is undoubtedly a long-term venture.

With so many things on the agenda, club legend Ryan Giggs has identified the biggest area of concern and it does not reflect well on the Glazers.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Giggs said that “it starts from the top” and the inconsistency means “you just never know what you get”.

He said that the biggest change needed at the club is a cultural reset, where United only signs players who “will do anything to win a game for United”.

Giggs said that targeting this philosophy should be the club’s main aim in the medium term.

His comments didn’t reflect well on the executives as he said the scattergun approach has led to a position where “nobody knows the answer and you have to start again”.

This can be seen from the managerial appointments where someone like Jose Mourinho was hired after Louis Van Gaal, a 180-degree turn in football philosophy.

This has resulted in United basically rebuilding every two-three years with no long-term vision in place.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe aims to rectify this through the appointment of transfer specialists and director of football operations.

A streamlined strategy of recruitment that is less dependent on the manager is how modern clubs work and the change is long overdue at Old Trafford.

Giggs joins Gary Neville and Roy Keane among players who have finally started calling out the Glazers’ inefficiencies and with Sir Jim in town, things should ideally start getting addressed.

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