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Jesse Lingard puts out video showing off his new mindset as search for club continues

by Vatsal Gupta

Of the many players released in the summer by Manchester United, no player has gathered quite as many as Jesse Lingard.

Be it club legends calling him out for still being a free agent, or fans trolling him for the same, or reports of rejecting offers backfiring on him, Lingard has been in the public eye endlessly.

It hasn’t helped matters that he has been most visible publicly and regularly engages with people on this matter.

However, that looks to be changing as the player has put up a new video on his Instagram.

It shows off his new mindset for the year as Lingard tries to put forward an image of a driven and committed individual who will block out the noise now.

In the video, Lingard is putting himself through the paces as he shouts at the camera “Coming out? NO! Do I drink? NO!” before going on to say that he no longer cares about gossip.

He says that he will only be about “high energy and high vibrations” with football, training, and gym being his only motivations.

He signed off by declaring that this is his “beast” mindset.

While the attempt to put forward this “new Lingard” is certainly appreciable, actions will speak louder than words.

He remains without a club and at some point, even after discarding his representatives recently, he will need to ask questions to himself as to why that is the case.

Lingard’s public persona might have played a part in the muted interest in his services which could have forced him to make this video to take control of the narrative.

While there is still no club on the horizon as yet, prospective clubs are being sent a message that the Lingard they’ll get will be a more driven and professional player.

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