Everton v Man United - Matchday Thread


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Hello lads.
Today we have a visit to the Goodison Park. One thing has been confirmed - Marital is out!
Liverpool have been handed their first loss of the season and as Leicester and Chelsea also have dropped points, today's victory puts us one point behind the top 4.

What's your take today guys?
Hopefully we can build on recent promising performances and get a rare win at Goodison Park. I'm not too concerned that Martial is going to miss out as Ighalo can keep his own progress on track. A win today and I'll be chuffed to bits


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Don’t know what to make of that game wow. Wish De Gea didn’t make that stupid mistake but man he saved us a few times particularly at the end. Pickford with his Trex arms pulling off an amazing double save to stop United at the death. Fernandes’ goal absolutely sensational. I’m not hyping him up too much but he’s continuing to show how much quality he can offer. VAR coming to the rescue again 😂 however I do think that was a clear offside so good call imo, no bias whatsoever.
Unfortunately, United retain the title of bottlejobs as we throw away a chance of coming 1 pt behind top 4 with Leicester and Chelsea choking.


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That's the most frequent thing to happen - whenever Chelsea drops points, we have agreed a deal with Lampard, that we'll drop points too. There is no other explanation how this has happened so frequently😂