Man United vs Everton: Matchday Thread


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Lingard is still doubtful for the game having not trained yesterday according to Ole. I reckon he'll name the same side that beat City replacing JLingz with Andreas if he's not fit. I'm a bit nervous about this match because we're all super confident and it's this sort of game where we've been slipping up. Also Big Dunc has got Everton fired up. I would love to see Greenwood in the starting line-up but don't see it happening. What do you guys think?
Everton will be a different proposition now Ferguson is in charge. Apart from Spurs, our home form has been iffy but the win at City will have given the players a boost. My money is on a draw.


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Chelsea losing at home to Bournemouth has got to be seen as big boost for us. This is a 6 pointer for us now. Ole has to be brave and push on or the hard work against Spurs and City will have been all for nothing.

Just get it fuckin won Reds.:mad:
United have to start fast and go for the early goal so that Everton have to come out and play and hopefully leave the spaces our pacy players can exploit. Everton will be up for it under big Dunc but this is one we have to win given Chelski's result this afternoon


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Big Dunc will already have his game plan. And that will be for Richarlson to rough up Lindelof.
Lindy is a fag when it comes to the physical stuff. Richarlson will be instructed to " follow him everywhere he goes and we'll get the ball to you".
Might be better if we played Axel . Cooler, doesnt mind the rough and tumble.
Make no mistake Everton are dogshit but if Ole doesnt get this right if there's one team that will make them look good its us.


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We've just reverted to type. So fuckin depressing. Luke Shaw looked like he was playing in a testimonial. Lindelof should be arrested for impersonating a footballer. Scott McGerrard/Messi Lingard, dreadful. Rash wasnt in it. Tony Bellion did what Tony Bellion does.
Very fortunate to shithouse a draw against an injury ravaged Everton.
That is simply unacceptable.
Nothing has changed. Poch and £400 million.


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The movement wasnt ideal GW. But centrally we are absolutely rudderless on the creativity front. Fred Moses and Scott McGerrard will put shifts in, and they did that. But there's nobody to pick out that pass. The frustration was there again today for all to see. Silly shots from 25 yards out by James and Fred that ended up snapping corner flags.
That doesnt happen when you have that central maestro. The ball keeps getting recycled and the pressure stays on until the mistake is forced or the opening forged.

It was poor, piss fuckin poor.


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Absolutely gutted, I'm viewing that as a loss today. All that hard work from Spurs and City was undone for me. Massive chance to get 2 points off top 4 with Chelsea bottling it and we blew it. From what I saw in that game, we had chances but just lacked that cutting edge quality to execute. Unlucky own goal and on another day Everton don't score. 2 points dropped :(

On the positive side, GREENWOOD! Every shot he takes is on target, he has a fantastic technique. I knew as soon as he struck that it was a goal, what a special player. Hope he can continue to flourish.


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Im not too hurt over this "loss" as many are calling it.
It brings us back to exactly what we need to work on, and highlights what we need to bolster our squad.

If we had kept winning all month, I expect the board and Woodward to just use the good results as an excuse for not needing any more players. Plus it's better than a loss. We're still top 6, still in the run for top 4; CL next season.

I agree the positives here are definitely Greenwood, and AWB in my opinion. The latter saved us from so many attacking runs, the crowd I was watching with were cheering preemptively to his tackles. He's superb.


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Also, anyone notice the formation changes?
Not in order, but when Lingard was subbed out for Greenwood, I noticed that we changed our front line into a 4 formation. Rashford, Martial, Greenwood, and James also kept rotating between the 4 positions, I kept seeing James on the left wing, and greenwood on the right, then back in the middle with Martial, or Rashford.
It was super interesting, and I think it cause a good bit of chaos in the defense, which eventually led to our goal assisted by James, playing from the left.

Meanwhile at the back, I noticed Mcguire was playing a lot more forward than usual, almost as a CDM, which of course pushed Mctominay and Fred forward as well. While this was going on, Shaw and AWB alternated in playing a more CB role, while the alternate played as a wing back.

Its an interesting tactic, and I think if Ole can refine it better, or introduce more creativity (like he did with Greenwood) it could potentially be the way we crack open the teams that sit back and defend.
Nice words Cal but i'm not on board with it and i expect most wouldnt be either. The thing is, this was an Everton team having a dreadful season. And had practically half a team fit. Maguire being up top stunk of desperation. Ole had ran out of ideas that was clear.

It was a terrible fall from grace from the Spurs and City performances. We shouldnt even begin to try and hide from that Everton performance because it was piss poor. They played us off the park for the entire first half, admittedly without creating a great deal, but they were first to every ball. Their hunger and desire put us to shame. And lets be honest, theyre not the first team to out work us.

We are a country mile away from turning OT back into a fortress again. The stigma that has haunted us for 6 years still looms large.
Teams actually fancy beating us. We are not commanding any respect from anyone because they see a club in massive crisis. A nervous United is there for the taking.

I dont think that is going to change until a proven quality manager comes in and he is given license to get rid of the tired the lame and the lazy and backed in the transfer market.
I dont think that is going to change until a proven quality manager comes in and he is given license to get rid of the tired the lame and the lazy and backed in the transfer market.
No manager will change things until the owners are gone. They might back the new man for a while, but sooner or later they'll turn the tap off and that will be the end of that. The squad is still thin with just the kids to rely on. Ole won't be able to buy unless he sells first and that means our prime asset - Pogba. But the chances are the Glazers will only hand over a portion of the fee we get for him with the rest going into their pockets like it did with Ronaldo.


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I agree with Albert. I actually think Ole’s done a great job so far in terms of changing the culture of the club. He’s gotten rid of the players that didn’t care for United and bought well in the summer with what he was given. I can definitely see his vision of building a youthful, fast-attacking football team that plays for the badge. And to be honest, I think he’s the best man for that. Being a former player, he knows the club better than anyone. Time will tell if he is the long-term man, but I think he is doing a great job laying the foundations and I’ll back the man as long as he is in charge.
Hope Glazers can give us something in January. All these results against mediocre (no disrespect to Everton) teams just shows how much we are dying for reinforcements, NOT Ole’s supposed lack of tactical astuteness. Just my opinion :)


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We are pretty much 12 months on from Jose getting the bullet and looking back, I ask myself are Man Utd in a better place than 12 months ago?
Resounding yes, a lot of the deadwood has been removed, players are playing with more heart and definitely more flare. We are getting great results against the top teams, Ole's new signings have embedded well, youth has been given a chance and Fred looks like a player.
Its work in progress lads, it even took Pep 12 months to get it right, it took Sir Alex longer.
Ole has had 1 transfer window to put his stamp on the squad and has bought better than all his predecessors after Ferguson, in that 1 window.
Let's be fair, who here actually thought a month ago, that after the last 3 games we would have accumulated 7 points and be undefeated?
Give Ole a chance, give him another couple of transfer windows. We have been in a dark place for over 6 years now and for me personally it is only now that I am enjoying watching Man Utd again.