Manchester United v Wolves - Matchday Thread


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It's a bit depressing to think "What could have been" but seriously, was he ever going to come to United ? They're telling us that we're going for Jadon Sancho in the summer but what can we offer him apart from a big pay packet? If he has a choice between United, Liverpool, City or Chelsea here in the UK and Real, Barca in Spain or Juve in Italy he's going to take some persuading to come to Old Trafford.

We'll have a better idea how deep the shit we're in is when the injuries clear up. We all know that Pogs is going so we should get the best deal we can for him and re-invest in players who want to play for us. If Maddison and Grealish are United fans then they should be approached. We need strength in depth like we had in the Fergie era.

We need to see some big improvements in the second half of the season. I'd tell Pogs to play like a demon and then go with our blessings in June and tell the others they are playing for their places.

I can't accept that they are not good footballers, we didn't buy bad footballers, we are making them into bad footballers.

The first team management and coaching staff should be on 4 months notice. Pull your fingers out of your ares and sort this shit out
Sancho wants to join Lampard at Chelsea (the club he supports) by all accounts if and when he returns to England. Jack Grealish is as bigger Villa fan as you can get. United made an approach last summer but he wanted have a crack at the prem with the club he loves, no problem with that. But i'm sure the interest would rise again should Villa get relegated. But the big question will still remain. How attractive will United be compared to other clubs.??
David Silva leaves City at the end of the season, that could be a huge temptation for Grealish. If Pep flutters his eye lashes (If he hasnt already) that move could easily happen. I think to stand any chance of competing for top quality we have to ditch the sentiment and ship Ole and his cronies out and bring in Potchettino. I'm still astounded we landed Fernandes. But that was more a business deal than anything. Lisbon allegedly were happy to accept anything over £30 million, so desperate were they for cash. But they played Woodworm like a violin. By all accounts he refused a move in summer because he had his heart set on a couple of other clubs, but they didnt come in for him. So Sporting basically pushed him out to cash in. Not ideal really. But he's here now. The conspiracy theorists may point to the fact that last season Potchettino made him his No1 target whilst at Tottenham.
Yeah I forgot Grealish is a Villain so apologies on that point. Ole must be looking over his shoulder every time he gets the dreaded vote of confidence, we all know that means bugger all, no matter what business you're in and United have got history with regards to going behind the managers back but anyone coming in is going to be handicapped by United's incompetent backroom setup, so I can't see anyone worth his salt accepting the job unless there are huge changes behind the scenes.
It was recently documented that Poch has requested certain things should be in place before he would consider accepting the United job should it become available anytime soon. That could just be journalistic jousting but we can all see what they mean.
Will Woodward bow to fan pressure and restructure the football side of the club and install a Director of Football? He hasn't so far shown any suggestions that he will.
I can't accept that Van Gaal and Mourinho were bad managers and our players aren't bad players either so even if Poch comes in the summer nothing will change unless the club restructures.


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'Looking like...?' He really doesn't give a shit. Mourinho had him sussed from day one.
100% Albert, always looks like he doesnt want to put the hard graft in and he's certainly no number 9. There was a game ( cant remember which one) towards the end of Mourinho's reign where he was screaming at Martial to track back and he just ignored him.
Shame, because he had so much potential at the beginning.