This is the Problem


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There is absolutely no denying that United have some of the worst owners in the history of football, using the club to make money for themselves. When they took over United was debt free but they plunged us into debt. Every year when we don't see a large amount of the money our club raises being spent on the squad the Glasers out movement starts up again, but there is follow through, there is no unity among the fans to make it happen. If this family had never come near our club we would be the richest club on the world and maybe even premier League champions, with some if not all the best players. Instead with less than two weeks before the season kicks off (3 for us) our manager has the same players, with the same problems as last season. I'm not going to say "Glasers out" what's the point if we aren't going to Unite and take the battle to the end.


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Hi Colin we're migrating our community to Discord and have a busy Glazers Out channel going in there if you're interested, cheers.