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Manchester United fans will not see VAR offside lines next season

by Joe Taylor

The Video Assistant Referee has been the most controversial topic since its addition to the world of football and has been changing ever since its arrival to the Premier League.

According to The Times, VAR lines are set to be thicker next season in a bid to end ‘armpit offsides’.

Fans across the league have been complaining about some of the offside decisions this season and this news comes will come with a mixed reaction from some people, who have to get used to the improvements.

Sources have confirmed that this will give the benefit of the doubt to attackers who are offside by a fraction in a bid to try and sort out the controversial decisions that the referees on VAR are making.

The new method is already used in the Dutch leagues and UEFA competitions.

This does mean that broadcasters will no longer see the lines drawn on the VAR screen but instead viewers will have to wait until the final result.

Back in March, a presentation took place to the 20 competing clubs which said:

“The purpose is to identify improvements to the VAR system and form a common understanding of where a VAR interpretation is expected and how changes can be made to increase consistency in interpretation and decision-making.

“The results will inform the coaching and training of match officials during the close season and changes will take effect in season 2021-2022.

The Premier League offside decision was made at the annual meeting where the 20 Premier League clubs took a survey about VAR.

The people who took part in this survey were club captains, sporting directors and club managers, with fans’ views on the system taken into consideration as well where the questions were about the current VAR system in operation.

During this meeting, referee chiefs were also asked to look at ways to raise the bar so that penalties for fouls in the box are 100% clear and obvious.

With the new VAR lines set to be in operation next season, fans will be hoping that decisions aren’t as woeful as they have been and improvements have been made.

VAR has changed a lot in its second season, for example with changes to the disastrous handball rule that was soon abandoned at the start of the season.

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