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Daniel Alves makes comments likely to infuriate Cristiano Ronaldo

by David O'Neill

Barcelona legend Daniel Alves has seemingly buried the hatchet with Cristiano Ronaldo, although the Portuguese star may not be all too happy with the wing back’s comments.

Alves insists that their feisty relationship existed only as a result of the rivalry between La Liga giants Barca and Real Madrid.

He goes on to claim a deep admiration for the legendary goalscorer, saying:

“I love Cristiano. Now we’re no longer at Barca or Madrid, I can speak, as it always seemed like I couldn’t.”

However, barely a breath away from that praise came what appeared to be a veiled criticism of Ronaldo’s footballing talent.

“Cristiano exemplifies, for all of us who don’t have that much quality, that with hard work, you can compete against the best. I respect him a lot and I had the opportunity to tell him.”

While his commitment to the training pitch and his impeccable physical preparations are a big contribution to his success, the legendary goalscorer may be none too please at suggestions that he does not possess “much quality.”

If that doesn’t ruffle Ronaldo’s feathers, Alves’ dismissal of Ronaldo in favour of his arch-rival just might.

“I identify with him because everything I did in my life was based on work. As a player, I’m closer to Cristiano than Messi, because of work, not because of talent. Leo is a born talent, at a level only he can achieve.”

Ronaldo and Messi spent over a decade locked in a Ballon d’Or battle, with the former likely disappointed to be two behind the latter.

Whether or not Alves was genuine in his attempt to extend an olive branch to his bitter rival, it is doubtful that the United star will be too impressed with the Brazilian’s comments.

Ronaldo has had a difficult start to life under Erik ten Hag and looks to have been marginalised by the new regime.

Finishing his career with fewer Ballon d’Ors than Lionel Messi is a certainty at this stage, and one that will bitterly hurt United’s number seven.

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