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Daniel Levy breaks silence on Harry Kane transfer stance amid Man United interest

by David O'Neill

Manchester United have been warned to expect firm resistance from Tottenham Hotspur should they try to sign Harry Kane, by none other than Daniel Levy.

The Tottenham CEO spoke to Cambridge Union on a number of topics, but of most interest to football fans was his words on the Kane situation.

United are desperately in need of a top class centre forward in the summer and the Spurs striker is right at the top of the shortlist.

But Levy believes that Kane has every reason to stay in North London.

“He can absolutely win a trophy at Spurs,” said Levy. “But being a legend is also important. The fact that he’s top scorer of Tottenham Hotspur – he’s making history.

“I hope one day that there is a statue of Harry Kane outside our stadium.”

Levy has fostered a reputation as one of football’s most difficult negotiators, earning the ire of Tottenham fans and rivals like.

United have had dealings with the CEO in the past, but no transfer has taken place between the clubs since Dimitar Berbatov back in 2008, with suggestions that Sir Alex Ferguson vowed afterwards never to deal with him again.

“I don’t consider myself a special negotiator or anything like that, I’m just acting in the best interests of my club,’ Levy said of his reputation. “I think when it comes to the transfer it depends on the balance of power.

“If you have a player who you really don’t want to sell then you have every right to say no, you own the registration.

“It depends also on the character of the player, whether you feel at the end you can keep the player because we’re operating in a team sport, it’s very important that we keep the team together.

“Every circumstance is different.”

While those comments certainly would suggest that the Spurs executive will do everything in his power to stand between Harry Kane and Manchester United, this may well be one of those different circumstances for Levy.

With Kane’s contract set to expire at the end of next season, the ‘balance of power,’ as Levy puts it, is shifting away from Spurs.

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