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Cesar Azpilicueta gives view on fixtures after Raphael Varane injury

by Joe Taylor

Chelsea star Cesar Azpilicueta has shared his opinion on why so many footballers including Raphael Varane are getting injured before the World Cup.

Across the Premier League, many teams are seeing important players walk off the pitch with an injury.

A couple of days ago, Raphael Varane suffered the same fate as he was substituted during the first half after being unable to continue.

This was during United’s important 1-1 away draw to Chelsea, with the Premier League team also suffering from a bad run of injuries in recent weeks.

This seems to be what prompted the Chelsea man to speak out and according to The Manchester Evening News, Azpilicueta believes that the crazy October schedule is why so many players are receiving substantial injuries.

The defender said “It’s difficult and it’s sad because as players you want to go to the World Cup, but we have this schedule where we have to play for our club and do our best. We are fighting a lot for player welfare because the schedule is crazy.”

“Sometimes we have to consider everything and I think we are in conversations with FIFA. It’s difficult because I understand that the fans want to see football.”

“We have five subs now but we have in our team a couple of injuries that make it more difficult to rotate. We are playing every few days, but it’s how it is and we have to step up.”

During October, United have already played seven times this month with two games coming per week.

By the end of the month, the Red Devils will have completed nine matches with four games to go before the international competition starts.

With the World Cup taking place during the majority of November and December, the group stages of the Europa League had to be completed before then.

The Premier League also had to cram their fixtures into an already congested start to the season.

United will be hoping that no one else will get injured before the World Cup despite the number of games still to play.

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