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Manchester United face dressing room backlash after Paul Pogba contract situation

by Joe Taylor

Manchester United are facing huge amounts of backlash from the squad after offering to make Paul Pogba the highest-paid Premier League player ever.

The French international is fully expected to leave at the end of this season after the club failed to agree on a new deal.

It marks Pogba’s second time leaving Man United on a free transfer as he did in 2012 to join Juventus.

The midfielder has been a crucial part of the squad in recent seasons but has become a problem in the last couple of weeks with his current form.

According to the Mirror, the latest offer is said to have angered the dressing room with Pogba’s teammates angry that they’re willing to make him the highest-paid player.

United have offered him a new deal worth a whopping £500,000 per week. This will be a £400,000 per week deal with add-ons taking it up to the half a million mark.

Many players are annoyed over the fact the midfielder doesn’t play all the time and isn’t in the best of form.

The outlet reports that someone commented, “some of the players think it’s out of order he could be getting twice as much as they’re when he hardly starts a game and talks about leaving all the time”.

It has become a real cause of concern now that this has put a rift between the players in the dressing room.

Pogba has just turned 29 and isn’t showing a lot of interest in staying with Paris Saint-Germain the likely next destination.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the club’s current highest earner, receiving £450,000 a week followed by David de Gea at just £375,000 a week.

United fans will be hoping that the dressing room stays intact after the recent drop in morale and will be wishing the best for Pogba if he leaves this summer.

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